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Robert Anton Wilson Quotes – Exploring Consciousness and Belief Systems

I have learned more from Robert Anton Wilson than I have from any other source. - George Carlin

Funny Church Signs – Sexual Innuendo (Photo Gallery)

The quickest way to enlightenment is to lighten up.

Commerce and Religion Are the Biggest Failures of Society – George Carlin

George Carlin explains how money and religion have taken a big shit on human potential.

Alan Watts – Is the Bible Used to Manipulate Self Worth? (Video)

Alan Watts provides a philosophical analysis of the bible.

George Carlin – Creation of the Ten Commandments Was a Marketing Decision (Video)

The commandments are written in spooky language designed to scare and control primitive people.

Psychedelics is Our Bond to a Living Planet – Excerpts From Terence McKenna’s Food of The Gods

Mckenna's book explores how natural and synthetic drugs have shaped the development of mankind.

Woody Harrelson – Thoughts From Within, a Stoner Poem on Society (Video)

"Blaming the the President for the country’s woes is like yelling at a puppet for the way it sings."

Carl Sagan – Human Conceit, We Are Not the Center of the Universe (Video)

"The Creator and Ruler of the entire Universe looks just like me. My, what a coincidence."

Terence Mckenna – Free Yourself From Ideology, Nobody is Smarter Than You Are (Video)

Take control of your consciousness, just deal with the raw data and trust yourself.

The Problem of Evil, As Described By Epicurus Circa 300 B.C.

An old perspective on evil that still makes sense today.

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