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How Exercise Helps us Think Better (Infographic)

Exercise boosts your cognitive functioning and improves your memory.

High Country – The Future of Cannabis Science and Technology (Video)

Scientific and technological advances for the highly beneficial cannabis plant are about to explode, following the exit of outdated laws.

The Fibonacci Sequence: Nature by Numbers (Video)

The world we inhabit is mathematically beautiful.

Neuroplasticity, Meditation and Happiness – Willoughby Britton Ted Talk (Video)

The practice of meditation builds stronger and healthier neural pathways that lead to better habits.

Cannabis Cures Cancer – The Science Behind Marijuana’s Cancer Fighting Properties (Video)

When Cannabidiol meets with CB2 receptors your body sends a suicide signal to the cancer cell.

What’s Invisible? More Than You Think – John Lloyd Ted Talk Animated (Video)

We can see matter. But we can't see what's the matter.

The Genius of Schrödinger’s Cat Paradox Experiment (Video)

The famous quantum physics experiment gets broken down for all to understand.

The Afterlife Dysfunction – Consciousness is Quantumly Infinite, An Afterlife is Statistically Inevitable (Video)

Reality is like the dream world where there is no beginning or end, only infinity.

When We Grow – Cannabis Technology, Medicinal Uses and Legislation Documentary (Video)

Cannabis is a birthright to all who inhabit this world where all the variations of this plant are a natural occurrence.

Medical Marijuana – Impact on Human Health Documentary (Video)

Researchers, medical professionals and 3000 years of medicinal use by numerous cultures and civilizations can't be wrong. Medical Marijuana is a no-brainer, peep the script.

Our Ancestors Were Aquatic Apes – Elaine Morgan Ted Talk (Video)

Living in the water may explain why humans look so different from other primates.

Humans Are Biologically Wired for the Magic Mushroom Experience – Roland Griffiths Ted Talk (Video)

A feeling of oneness and unified consciousness is common among shroom experiences.

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