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The Seven Great Hermetic Principles – The Teachings of Thoth

The Hermetic teachings are found in all lands and all religions, their appeal is universal.

The Legacy of Edgar Cayce, Psychic Visionary (Documentary)

Explore why the "Sleeping Prophet's" life and work is considered one of the greatest proofs of psychic ability ever.

Alan Watts – A Universe of Interdependent Systems (Video)

Living in harmony is acceptance of what separates us and acknowledgment of what holds us together.

Dying Beautifully With LSD – How Aldous Huxley Left the World

Huxley's last day on Earth was spent high on LSD; his wife Laura shares a detailed account of his final moments.

Carl Sagan – Pale Blue Dot (Comic Strip)

Our pale blue dot in this universe is what we all have in common, lets share in good times.

Alan Watts – Creating Who You Are (Video)

Why don't you really know what you want?

Big Bang Theory Debunked? A Black Hole May Have Started it All (Video)

Was the universe formed from the debris ejected when a four-dimensional star collapsed into a black hole?

Change Your Life in 2 Minutes a Day – Power Pose (Guide)

Your body language shapes who you are. It shapes how you are viewed by others, and even how you view yourself.

Bruce Lee – 4 Steps to Creating Your Own Path

Every individual is unique, therefore it is suicidal to follow another person’s method and path.

Hip Hop is Back with a Psychedelic Message! – The Underachievers (KJ Song Rec)

The Underachievers are using psychedelics to breathe new life into the hip hop game. Their positivity is infectious!

John Lennon Quotes – Thoughts From A Psychedelic Mind

John Lennon's quotes get to the heart of the matter like an arrow from Apollo's bow, provoking the inner depths of our minds into expansion.

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