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The Manipulative Purposes of the Modern School System, Animation (Video)

People who conform are predictable and of great use to those who wish to manipulate a large labor force.

Jacque Fresco – Money Corrupts Our Bond with Nature

When people seek advantage by money, you can't have a decent world.

Schools Kill Creativity – Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk (Video)

Humans become a valuable part of a whole when they understand their individual value, skills and passions.

Calvin and Hobbes – Stars and Infinity (Comic Strip)

When you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.

George Carlin, Jacque Fresco – Children Should Be Taught to Question Everything (Video)

Discussing the dangers of feeding bullshit to the impressionable minds of children.

Joe Rogan – Nationalism is Primitive, Society is Funded by War (Video)

Artificial boundaries and fake conflicts are used to control the world for profit.

The Flower – Animation on the Social and Economic Costs of Marijuana Prohibition (Video)

A comparison of a free society with a society that imprisons users of herbal medicine.

Joe Rogan – How Hemp Became Illegal, DMT Reset Button (Video)

Hemp, a gift from nature. DMT, a gift from your pineal gland. Both of them are illegal because of their positive uses.

Terence McKenna – DMT Revelations, Hypothesis, and Experiences (Video)

Terence Mckenna sheds light on the DMT frontier and urges us to push the limits to new discoveries.

Terence McKenna – Return to Our Stoned Shaman Core of Mystery and Imagination (Video)

Dance, body art, psychedelics, and other anti conformity phenomena will heal and return us to our bond with nature.

Woody Harrelson – Thoughts From Within, a Stoner Poem on Society (Video)

"Blaming the the President for the country’s woes is like yelling at a puppet for the way it sings."

Terence Mckenna – Free Yourself From Ideology, Nobody is Smarter Than You Are (Video)

Take control of your consciousness, just deal with the raw data and trust yourself.

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