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Mitch Hedberg – Stoner Jokes and Quotes (Photo Gallery)

Like Ol' Dirty Bastard, there was no father to Mitch Hedberg's stoner comedic style.

Hannibal Buress – Bachelor Party Parade (Video)

Hannibal describes throwing a parade for his cousin's bachelor party in New Orleans.

Bill Hicks – Marijuana Should Be Mandatory (Video)

Shit, not only do I think marijuana should be legalized. I think it should be mandatory. I'm a hard liner. - Bill Hicks

Aziz Ansari – Marriage is a Proposal From an Insane Person (Video)

Signing a legal contract for guarantee of everlasting love and devotion smells like bullshit.

Demetri Martin – One Liner Joke Gifs

Short jokes, big laughs.

Joe Rogan Experience – The Best of Joey Diaz (Video)

Joey Diaz may just be the funniest man alive!

Louis C.K. – If God Came Back, Animation (Video)

How would God react to the current state of his "creation"?

George Carlin – Creation of the Ten Commandments Was a Marketing Decision (Video)

The commandments are written in spooky language designed to scare and control primitive people.

Doug Stanhope – If Marriage Didn’t Exist, Would You Invent It? (Video)

Baby, this shit we got together, it's so good we gotta get the government in on this shit.

Louis CK – My Kids Are Rude and Disgusting (Video)

Louie doesn't tolerate asshole behavior from anybody, including his daughters.

Mitch Hedberg – Master of One Liner Jokes (Video)

If you can't sleep, count sheep. Don't count endangered animals, you will run out.

Demetri Martin – Jokes With a Guitar and Drawings (Video)

Demetri Martin uses art, music and wit to slay audiences.

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