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Dana Gould – The Town Retard (Video)

No subject is off limits for Dana Gould.

George Carlin – Voting is Pointless, Politics is a Game of Garbage In, Garbage Out (Video)

George Carlin provides some jokes on how predetermined elections are used to give the public a false sense of participation.

Patrice O’Neal – How a Woman Can Keep a Man Happy (Video)

Patrice explains why a woman should let go of her dignity.

Patrice O’Neal – The Nasty Show (Video)

Patrice puts the "Nasty" in The Nasty Show.

Doug Benson – “Melting Into A Couch” Anti Pot Ad (Video)

Fuck the propaganda, smoking weed is like turning 1080p on life.

Chris Rock – Marriage is Boring (Video)

Chris Rock is married and would like to tell you why it sucks.

Kevin Hart – Thug Fight Talk

You wanna go night night nigga?

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