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A Stoner Tribute to Freaks and Geeks (Photo Gallery)

All of the movies relate in my mind in that way, as the continuous adventures of those characters. - Judd Apatow

Psychedelic Audio Visualizers (Video)

A digital explosion of color and sound to enhance your psychedelic trip.

Bill Hicks – Marijuana Should Be Mandatory (Video)

Shit, not only do I think marijuana should be legalized. I think it should be mandatory. I'm a hard liner. - Bill Hicks

Getting Doug with High, Doug Benson’s Stoner Podcast (Video)

Doug gets into the High History of each guest to reminisce about the first time they met Mary Jane.

15 Best Twilight Zone Episodes for Stoners

From Rod Serling’s smoke-filled introductions, to the inevitable twist ending, the Twilight Zone is a classic series for stoners.

Creative Stoner Tattoos (Photo Gallery)

Super stoners rep their love for cannabis and stoner culture with body art.

Party Down – Stoner Comedy Collection (GIFs, Photo Gallery)

A stoner comedy that follows a Los Angeles catering team and their absurd clients.

Stoner Intelligence? Cannabis Found to Boost Growth of Brain Cells (Study)

Marijuana’s CBC cannabinoid promotes the growth of brain cells by regulating ATP, the energy source of cells.

Grass – The History of Marijuana Propaganda, Narrated By Woody Harrelson (Video)

The story of a costly and futile crusade against a substance with no ill effects that has damaged basic civil liberties.

The Hilarious “Dangers” of Marijuana Addiction (Video)

You have to go to ridiculous lengths to try to paint something so positive in a negative light.

VICE’s Weediquette – Butane Hash Oil (Video)

Butane hash oil is made by blasting marijuana with butane, a solvent that takes all the THC with it and nothing else.

Workaholics – Funny Stoner GIFs Collection (Photo Gallery)

GIFs that capture the best moments from our favorite working stoners.

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