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Poetry in Motion, Animated Street Art Gallery

The street art can stand on it's own but the messages are given an extra boost with motion.

Vinchen: Social Commentary From Ohio’s Best Street Artist (Art Gallery)

Asking questions incidently leads to answers, and Vinchen's street art places the onus back on those looking back.

Making Smiles Through Street Art in Urban Environments by Oakoak

Oakoak uses his humourous street art to make his hometown, St. Etienne, France, less “grey”.

Taking The Piss With Banksy by Zenpencils (Comic Strip)

This comic brings life to the voice of street art and pays tribute to the inspirational work of Banksy.

Creative Street Art Murals in Malaysia by Ernest Zacharevic

Zacharevic completed several murals depicting Malaysian locals and their way of life.

Street Art Around the World Will Be Archived by Google

Google has created a new initiative: The Street Art Project, an ambitious endeavor to document street art around the world.

Smart Street Art Murals, Pejac Art Gallery

Pejac's witty street art shines a light on social norms and inflexible societal constructs.

Banksy – Street Art Residency in New York City (Video)

For providing a glimpse into the potential future of art on the Web, Banksy was named Webby Person of the Year.

Psychedelic Hand Made Mixed Media Collages – Joe Webb (Photo Gallery)

Joe Webb's work eschews the neo-traditional standard of digital manipulation, opting to meticulously craft his psychedelic work by hand.

Dran – The French Banksy, Art Gallery

Dran's ability to combine his whimsical artistic style with criticisms of society is one of the reasons he's known as The French Banksy.

Banksy Quotes on Society, Street Art Gallery

Since introducing the world to his first pieces of graffiti, Banksy has laced his art with social commentary.

ETAM Cru Psychedelic Wall Murals, Street Art Gallery

ETAM Cru uses street art to deliver psychedelic messages to the world.

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