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Remedios Varo – Surreal Goddess of Psychedelic Art

Remedios' art resembles the world of dreams; she attempts to represent the internal state of the soul externally through her paintings.

Merging Views of Paint and Sculpture, Giant Robot Art Gallery

Merging Views featured the contrasting art work of great artists from Los Angeles and beyond.

Artist Creates Psychedelic Scenes in Art Studio Without Photoshop (Photo Gallery)

Jee Young Lee's surreal art installations are all created by hand in a small studio space.

Surreal Animal Illustrations, Iain Macarthur Art Gallery

Each masterful illustration, created through intricate pattern, depicts an animal geometrically.

TTK Hip Hop Paintings, Surreal Art Gallery

After success as a sneaker artist, TTK shifted his focus to evolving the collections of his surreal canvas-based paintings.

Satire and Social Commentary Paintings, Paul Kuczynski Art Gallery

Paul Kuczynski uses his paintings to convey concerns about social issues.

Risqué (Dirty Little Pictures), Surreal Erotic Art Gallery

Each piece represents the artist's interpretation of Risqué, with styles influenced by their understanding of sexuality, moments of fantasy, or real life experiences.

Alexander Wells, Mind Blowing Illustrated Art Gallery

Dark mystery laden illustrations with a distinct presence.

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