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Neuroscience of Breathing Techniques – Ted Talk (Video)

Breathing is an action that we are all aware of, but are we taking full advantage of this action?

Psychedelic Art Born From Science – Fabian Oefner (Video)

Fabian Oefner brings together the world of science and art to create psychedelic images.

Learn Anything in 20 Hours – Josh Kaufman Ted Talk (Video)

A unique approach to learning anything, fast.

Change Your Life in 2 Minutes a Day – Power Pose (Guide)

Your body language shapes who you are. It shapes how you are viewed by others, and even how you view yourself.

Incredible Living Paintings, Alexa Meade Art Gallery

Painting directly on the human body itself, Alexa Meade has successfully created an entirely new form of artistic expression.

Exploring Consciousness with Psychedelics – Graham Hancock Ted Talk (Video)

If we are not allowed to make sovereign decisions about what to experience with our own consciousness, we cannot claim to be free in any way.

Neuroplasticity, Meditation and Happiness – Willoughby Britton Ted Talk (Video)

The practice of meditation builds stronger and healthier neural pathways that lead to better habits.

Bring on the Learning Revolution – Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk (Video)

It's time revolutionize education towards a model that builds an environment where children may explore their true talents and passions.

What’s Invisible? More Than You Think – John Lloyd Ted Talk Animated (Video)

We can see matter. But we can't see what's the matter.

Schools Kill Creativity – Sir Ken Robinson Ted Talk (Video)

Humans become a valuable part of a whole when they understand their individual value, skills and passions.

Our Ancestors Were Aquatic Apes – Elaine Morgan Ted Talk (Video)

Living in the water may explain why humans look so different from other primates.

How Our Bodies Digest Processed Food (Video)

A pill camera reveals how processed and whole foods are digested.

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