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Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Rice Emotions Experiment (Video)

How thoughts and intent can shape physical reality.

MGMT – Electric Feel The Rock-Afire Explosion (Video)

Stoned Chuck E. Cheese robots cover MGMT.

Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo on Pot Head Losers, Propaganda (Video)

Conversation about weed and the "loser image".

Magic Mushrooms Reduce Pain of Intense Cluster Headaches (Video)

A father with extreme cluster headaches turns to shrooms for medical relief.

Chris Rock – Marriage is Boring (Video)

Chris Rock is married and would like to tell you why it sucks.

Jacque Fresco Interview on Larry King Live 1974 (Video)

Even back in the 70s, J Fresh was trying to improve the world for everyone.

Grandpa Smokes Weed For The First time In His Life (Video)

Took him long enough, what a lagger.

Carlos Santana – Soul Sacrifice Live Woodstock 1969 (Video)

Santana performs at Woodstock while tripping out of his mind.

How Our Bodies Digest Processed Food (Video)

A pill camera reveals how processed and whole foods are digested.

Bobby Lee Animated Mad TV Stories (Joe Rogan Podcast) (Video)

Hilarious tales from the Mad TV set.

Miss High Times Bakes Weed Brownies (Video)

Can't go wrong with a girl who stocks cannabis butter.

A Journey Through The Known Universe (Video)

A projector or big ass TV is recommended for viewing.

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