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Jhené Aiko Spotlight (Photo Gallery, Video)

Jhené loves to sing about sex and weed.

The Best Scenes of Riki-OH Compilation (Video)

Scenes from the ultra violent and ultra hilarious classic.

Pablo Escobar Matrix – David Choe (Video, Photo Gallery) (NSFW)

Pablo's place gets tagged up by David Choe and his two real estate agents.

Batman – Unmasked, The Psychology Of The Dark Knight Documentary (Video)

The History Channel explores the psychology of Batman and his foes.

Matrix Philosophy – Return to the Source Documentary (Video)

A documentary on the philosophy referenced in the Matrix Trilogy.

Alan Watts Discusses Nothingness (Video)

There is no mirror, and the nature of the mind is intrinsically void.

Godfrey – White Women’s Workout (Funny or Die) (Video)

A funny infomercial featuring fitness and racism.

Joe Rogan on the Marijuana and Paranoia Relationship (Video)

Is it the weed or is it you? Find out why being paranoid can be a good thing.

Father Uses Medical Marijuana To Fight Son’s Brain Cancer (Video)

Medical Marijuana helps baby fight brain cancer.

The Wire – 100 Greatest Quotes (Scene Compilation) (Video)

You come at the king, you best not miss.

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